104 definitions by ali

a term used to say i dont care or fuk that shit
"pff yea rite like im gunna do that homework"
by ali April 07, 2004
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not nidhi...not idiots but nidiots! group consists of nidhi (of course) clara, abby, ali, margaret, and sum1 else, but cant remember. nidiots r awesome and only tru nidhis at heart can become them. (look up Nidhi)
idiots that start with N
cool chicks w/ a capital N!!
by ali October 22, 2004
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Skanky automobile driven by boyracer/chav scum. Usually modified beyond recognition with a giant exhaust pipe or two to make the engine sound 'Prrropper phat man'.
Delinquent 1 - 'Eeeya man ow phat is me wickedly buzzin nova?
Delinquent 2 - 'Itz well wicked now tek me to me communyti servis or im off to get me dad to stab ya cos e's well ard
by ali October 25, 2004
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what is a nympho, well its a girl that will have sex wit u because SHE wants to. u never have to ask because she already asked u. no matter how good u think u r she still has that ky and those batteries. u can make her O and when u leave she will do it again her self. she'lll give u head cause she likes the taste even if she gets none in return. wants it all time and nothing will ever stop her from getting hers, even when her mom is home. well what exactly is a nympho well basically its a dude wwit boobs and no penis. will u be my naughty girl? only if u can handle it.
If you're a guy who likes sex, you need to find yourself a nympho...
by ali May 16, 2004
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a word you say it when you don't know another word for anything.
Let's plo somewhere. (plo= e.g. walk...)
by ali December 21, 2003
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The world's greatest ever band with no exception!
'The Mystery Of One Spirit' is probably the greatest song that will ever grace our universe.
by ali October 25, 2004
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