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air that is released out of the vigina after the penis has hibernated and then spring came. ofter followed by an expression of what the F ??
by ali February 20, 2003
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Hair, although short but somehow really big.
wow, that guy has a really nice quoff
by ali April 24, 2003
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my cousin's definition for queer when he tried to pronounce queer to his brother but didn't quite come out right.
B- "God Cole, you're such a qwurr"
C- "Qwurr B__?"
B- "I said queer Cole!!"
by ali November 27, 2004
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a type of laugh when you are laughing so hard that no sound comes out
i ralfed for a long time
by ali March 22, 2004
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The sexiest gay man alive, who's also on the hit series Queer as Folk.
Randy Harrison fucked Gale Harold all night.
by ali February 10, 2005
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noun - a haven for the intellectually and morally deprived.
As I scoured the depths of the rangerboard, I begged for God to send me to Hell.
by ali December 30, 2003
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