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One of those girls who listen to entirely rap, shop at rave, wear huge gold hoop earrings, and shirts that say either "Babie Gurl," "Pussy Kat," "Angel4U," or "Softball Princess." Often are accompanied by very large behinds.
"OMG! Look at my new shirt....it says '99% Angel Gurl!'"

"Shut up Liz...you ravewhore."
by ali March 23, 2005
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Used to describe going out for a few drinks with the lads
by ali December 10, 2003
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A greebo is a person who listens to rock/punk/metal music and doesn't follow fashion trends.
They don't usually class themselves as being a greebo but are assigned that title by trendies/rudes. Some of them may look quite threatening but generally they are all around nice people and they resist starting fights or arguments with people who do follow trends. However, if you were to ask one if they had anything against trendies or rude boys their answer would seldom be 'no'. Almost all Greebos have some kind of disliking towards trendies mainly because they make their lives hell. Abuse is hurled at them when they walk down the street and they frequently get the crap beaten out of them for absolutely no reason other than the fact that they are different.
Greebos also seem to be fairly itelligent people if not it one way, they are bound to be intelligent in another, this may contribute to why greebos rarely start fights with trendies and rudes, because they are intelligent enough to know that it wont solve anything.
Greebos are alternative people who just want to be treated fairly.
Trendies: *sniff the air* Look, theres something that looks nothing like us, lets make it's life a living hell.
by ali August 21, 2004
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when someone has some f***in nasty breath!
dude your breath stanks!! you must have halitosis!
by ali June 22, 2004
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Adjective. A feeling or appearance of fatness or bloatedness, ugliness, tiredness, stressfulness, and frustration. Being in a state of grossness which prohibits one from excelling in their daily activities and being productive. One who is buckus is usually dressed in dirty or scrubby clothes, with messy hair, oily skin, and has a unsettling odor.
After getting trashed last night, I woke up looking like ass and had an overwhelming feeling of helplessness, as I shoveled enormous amounts of fast food into my mouth, my sister said to me, " God you are pretty buckus."
by ali October 11, 2004
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