104 definition by ali

the guy who his mama will beat if he's caught with a gurl
yaser where have you been..i saw you with that girl..your grounded for 2 month and no playing with yourself!
by ali August 29, 2003

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the hottest bosnian alive!!
Adis can you please come to Court 3 and help me with my swing??? damnnnn you're fine
by Ali April 15, 2005

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acronym - dumb fucking user
I dreaded visiting the F corridor, as it is a haven for DFUs
by ali December 30, 2003

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One of the best underground DJ's coming from Houston, his group is the Wreckin' Yard
That nigga OG Ron C just brought the beat back!
by Ali February 24, 2005

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A squaddy matress is a girl who's slept with more than 5 members of our lovely armed forces. General slag, scally and chav.
"That Laura is a right squaddy matress she's shagged 17 of them!"
by ali December 08, 2004

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An absoutly horrid singer who lost American Idol and looks like a flounder (his eyes are crooked)
Hey! My fish looks like Clay Aiken!
by Ali March 18, 2005

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Coupling of words used to insult and enrage a fellow by suggesting he "shines knobs"
More offensive than the word "wanker" as it suggests that the victim of conversation pummels penis so vibrantly, that the offending love lance develops a shiny, glossy sheen.

often abbreviated to "Shiner"
Steve: "I think that the band Limp Bizkit are super awesome"

Dave: "Shut up you knob shiner"
by Ali August 29, 2004

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