Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi word. Derogatory. Refers to a male who is not necessarily gay (openly or still in the closet), but either behaves like a stereotypically gay person (effeminate, for example) or has a reputation of being bummed (moreso than bumming other males) in the shitbox/shitter. Various localised variations including G-Boy, G-Towner, Gaand-yaava.
Me: Are you a Gandoo?
Most males working in the media: Yes. Do you want to bumm me?
Me: No thank you. I prefer burying my beef bayonet in a lady's fanjita.
by mojo7676 January 22, 2022
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Gandoo, Originating from word Gand meaning Arse, This word is used for a person whose arse can be taken very easily by everyone.
Anshul is Gandoo.Meaning everyone can take his arse. He is very stupid.
by Bratz December 11, 2007
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Woh aadmi, jo peeche se leta hai!!
Teri gaand maroon kya, gandoo??
by Not Gandoo October 23, 2004
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Gandoo is a famous word for bravery and manhood, calling someone Gandoo will make him feel like a man (just feeling not really a man) and he’ll be proud, when you see a group of people instead of the boring “hey guys” try saying hello Gandoo’s , they’ll feel honored and should answer you “hey bainchot” which means hey old friend
Group of people chatting: Bla bla bla bla
Man comming to them: hey Gandoos
Group of people chatting: hi bainchot
Son arriving from school: hey Gandoo daddy
Father: nice meeting you son
by John Chambobly August 9, 2020
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A gay man who has the outward mannerisms and demeanor of a woman effeminate gay guy; an openly gay guy whose gestures and manner are more normally associated with society's image of the female. A bottom gay man; Often used in a derisive or mocking way. Some gay men also use the term in a disrespectful manner and might be considered expletive.
1) Call me a Gandoo and drill me like an oil machine!
2) I am going to make this Gandoo sit on my dick and he is gonna love it.
3) My Gandoo ass wants you to cum inside it.
by Spanish Gringo September 26, 2018
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I person who is gay.
NB(Regardless of his natioanlity)
by Ali January 29, 2004
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