Yo let's take her to the telly and run a train
by CheeksForHigher March 7, 2014
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a party (usually at a hotel room), that involves smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol, and having sex
hey are you going to Erica’s telly tonight?
by bblythe October 20, 2019
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i onlty watch FOOTBALL MATCHES on the telly, not "soccer games", you idiot
by pigaloo April 15, 2010
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Slang for television. The original meaning of 'telly'.
Someone turn on the telly.
by Bobrox April 20, 2006
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its the slang word for hotel
Let's get nasty from the car to the telly
Benzino f/ Lil' Kim, Petey Pablo
Rock the Party (Remix)
by Ali November 24, 2004
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I need to go watch the soccer game on my new flatscreen telly.
by AYB March 11, 2003
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short fo hotel.....telly
Gimme That-Lil Webbie feat. Bun B

Still built right though
Run my game right and after the club
She might go back to the telly with me
Shake her jelly with me

So Seductive-Tony Yayo

Before you jump in my whip and you get dropped off
You goin to the telly and you gettin popped off
by baby ali June 27, 2005
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