a sweet, sensitive guy, laughs a lot, has a big heart, is super cute, likes to have fun, usually is caring, a freak in the sheets, plays sports & likes to have a good time
That guy is such a Jhon. He's so sweet.
by juliamcx3 October 25, 2010
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The perfect guy. He is the perfect hight for you to kiss. And can alwalys hear you. Sensitive, loving, funny, smart, you always wanna be with him. But dn't get him pissed off. He may look like a normal kid who always loses a fight- but Jhon starts the fights! He always wins. You always root for him inyour head. He may not know you like him. He will do anything for you. Talk to him every chance you get. You may realize he likes you back! He always stops by your locker when he gets the chace, and waits for you by your locker. Even though he knows he'll be late. Never leave his side. When you do, your world gets dimmer.
*Jhon is at your locker*
Victoria: Hey! Not that I didn't want to see you or anything' but the bell is about to ring. You better hurry!
Jhon: Nahhh... I'm fine right here with you.
Victoria: *blush*
Victoria: Well I guess I have to go now...*sad face*
Jhon: Are you sure? I like being he-
Teacher: Hey! Why are you two just standing aroud? Go get a tardy slip!
by Little Mo72 January 9, 2012
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Basically a shitty way to spell John then amplify a john's shittiness by 30% . A Jhon has a cocky approach in life, mostly chill and has tendencies to be passive aggressive, always laid back but gets things done "somehow", which makes his relaxed state almost contagious. He loves company and being alone at the same time. likes doing things in his own pace. he's a Jack of all trades, and he likes everything and does everything (for learning purpose mostly), He likes most genres of music, sometimes hates viral overrated senseless music. a Jhon can be dark and have a heart of gold at the same time. He stands firm to what he can prove is true, and he barely runs out of proof. Always looking at the better good.
He has a Jhon attitude, with the "H" ahead of the "O". he's a revamped version of a john.
I really like hanging out with Jhons
That Jhon is totally bananas
I can be a Jhon too
I can be your Jhon ;)
by nnstkglu June 7, 2021
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U kina dum

Itss john I knoe how to speel >:(
Person 1: jhon
Person 2: ur dum
by NeonLynxx_ August 12, 2021
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How vegans called John spell their name
Jhon is a cunt because he doesn't eat meat or dairy.
by Wm94 April 24, 2017
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Crazy boy from Specs New York who looks like Mr. Krabs when he's shocked. Loves his DITAS and will always be eating dumplings from Panda Express. Loves ass and bad bitches. He's the LATINO DREAM. <33333333333333
I have to remember you're only 18! You're such a Jhon! BOY YOU NEED A DOCTOR SMH LLS
by Jhonhammed August 20, 2017
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A extremly tall man who resembles Mr. Clean who turned on by short girls that need protable latters to reach his mouth.
Person 1: "babe your too tall but i want to kiss you."
Person 2: "i know i'm just to jhon for you but here is a latter."
by Baby Blossom July 28, 2008
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