104 definitions by ali

the guy who his mama will beat if he's caught with a gurl
yaser where have you been..i saw you with that girl..your grounded for 2 month and no playing with yourself!
by ali August 29, 2003
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acronym - dumb fucking user
I dreaded visiting the F corridor, as it is a haven for DFUs
by ali December 30, 2003
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The world's greatest ever band with no exception!
'The Mystery Of One Spirit' is probably the greatest song that will ever grace our universe.
by ali October 25, 2004
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you have a big shambora
by ali August 03, 2003
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She's the Suga Mama Shemama of Melvindale! Whoop Whoop '05
Shema runs our school like a mo'fo
by ali March 12, 2005
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known as a person with a great personality. Who also works at the times and is not at all spiteful.
shishir is the nicest person and he is great at making ads
by ali December 09, 2004
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