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The peices or parts of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that unfolded in a fantasy world while exhibiting certain stages of sleep.
Her dreamshards were woven from years past.
by Valerie June 17, 2004
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used to describe either a person who does weird art for the sake of being artsy or the art that a person like that does. artsy fartsy is generally bad artwork that is made so weird and hard to understand, that people just assume it's genius.
"that artsy farsty girl just painted a canvas black. she thinks it represents her pain, but i think it's just artsy fartsy."
by Valerie July 19, 2004
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When someone does something displeasing to another person, the annoyed person may assign the annoyer craphat-wearing status.
My roommate taped over the Iron Chef marathon before I got to watch it. He totally wears the craphat.
by Valerie May 24, 2004
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the orange powdered cheese that sticks on one's fingers after consuming foods such as doritos or cheez doodles.
"oh man, i just ate doritos! look at all the cheetle on my hands! better wipe them on my pants!"
by Valerie July 19, 2004
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w00t! '/0|_| |<|\|0\/\/ 1 4|\/| 1|-|3 |\/|057 l337 |-|4xX0|2 4|20|_||\|o|.
w00t! you know I am the coolest Hacker around.
by Valerie February 26, 2003
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normally followed by a question mark. shows confusion, sort of like wtf but less angry.
"so after the ape stole my helicopter, i played checkers and ate stale bread."
by Valerie November 22, 2004
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