A joke, a hot mess, not to be taken seriously, pathetic. Originated from the Ballroom Scene. Often used with the "It" pronoun as a way of deliberately reducing the importance and relevancy of the person in question. "it's" or "issa"
Person A: What did you think of that performance Kenya just did?

Person B: Gurl, issa ki. No shade.
by nomadic_scholar October 25, 2020
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Short for kiki - meaning to gather or ‘hang out’ derived from the Ballroom scene.
Stella: ‘what you doin’ today girl?’
Ferraz: ‘oh I’m gonna ki with the girls, hbu?’
by Hoe.couture June 6, 2020
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Ki is a name meaning strong and tough. Not scared of being him/her self. ki is a good friend.
Ki thanks for being my friend
by abbikis July 27, 2017
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The alleged spiritual energy within all human beings. According to a certain group of Japanese artists, channelling your Ki will allow you to perform normally impossible tasks, such as shooting a Kamehameha wave from your hands.

Note: It is the exact same thing as Chi.
Basically, Ki is what souls are made of.
by Psydon August 9, 2004
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Ki is a nickname for Kiley. Kiley as in the RIGHT way of spelling the name Kylie (sounding like Kah-I-Leigh). A person called Ki is cute, sweet, and all around an awesome person.
by thebestkieva January 30, 2010
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Ethylphenidate, a drug very very closely related to the pharmaceutical Ritalin (methylphenidate). Amphetamine-like effects, but warmer and more MDMA-like. Legal and available off the internet.
"We should totally sniff some ki, guys."

"Do you fancy a ki?"

"You should get on this ki, bro, it's like the KEY to another you - see what I did there?"

("Ki" refers to an unspecified amount of powder or one tablet/capsule)
by yAb00mbaclat February 13, 2014
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In Wolof (A major language in West Africa) ki, pronounced kai (like 'eye' with a 'k' sound preceding it), means 'come' as in 'come here'.
Ki Fe! "Come here!", Ki tok. "Come sit."
by JeloRoc July 31, 2006
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