A person who performs identity theft as a means to profit, gain control and earn more sex workers.
That rapper was one of the best around! The ladies love him.
by thatradtallguy June 8, 2020
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All most all rappers possess shit for brains. In the rest of the general population this quality in exhibited rarely. Yet among rappers it all most if not entirely 100%.

I don't know how they got so many idiots in one genera. Usually they are spread out, one to a village.

The best, most socially conscious thing that they SHOULD DO is not breed. Although it seems that all they really care about is acting and dressing retarded and getting their peter wet.

that rapper has shit for brains
by rapsucks1738 January 21, 2007
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1.someone who cannot sing..therefore speaks

2.someone with no originality:

lyrically: they just say the samething as other rapeers over and over (e.: rollin on dubs, chekin out shorties)

musically: the just sample music from previous artists.
a rapper is definately not a musician... its someone with no talent who wants to make money.
by nate July 5, 2004
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All rappers need to have a special punishment. For starters they need to be rounded up. Next, any rapper who has ever been shot and lived needs to be shot, in the face, until killed. Then, any rappers without a significantly dark tone of skin need to be defecated upon, so that they may join their darker brethren. Everyone of them needs to then be forced to listen to polka songs, for polka is the only genre that may compare to the utter hideousness of rap music. Next, some of the more obnoxious rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Mike Jones, and Paul Wall should be catapulted at Mt. Rushmore until Abraham Lincoln's nose breaks off. Afterwards, any who still cling to the miserable existence that they call a life need to be sealed in a rocket and sent to Jupiter, where they can learn to live without breathing, and have a giant orgy.
A rapper is the shittiest excuse for a musical "artist" in existence.
by Di...Ted June 2, 2006
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1. Someone with no talent who goes to jail a lot and shoots people.

2. Someone who only talks about anal sex, shooting people, and how much money they have.
That fucking rapper got arrested again!

Every time I turn on the radio, this annoying rapper comes on!

Some stupid rapper got arrested.
by J November 5, 2004
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A talentless performer who resorts to talking because he cannot sing.
Rap is a degenerate "art" form.
by fillyphile May 3, 2005
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