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A popular dance where you bend your knees and rock your hips. It blew up along with the popular 'lean wit it rock wit it' and goes along with a song named 'DO IT' by an artist named bhi.
It is also a club in ATLANTA which the dance was originated.
"bend ya knees, rock ya hips, do the poole palace"
by Valerie May 09, 2006
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usually a devine being - God!
But when in human form - a pleasant gentleman, innocent to the vile ways of mankind!
he is soo good... he has to be a Akarsh
by Valerie February 26, 2005
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"he's not completely black, he's only a griff"
by Valerie October 28, 2004
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Definition-Someone who's always trippin' and is always up in your grill
Background-Slang from NJ
yo, that buggymoo won't shut up about his nonexistent tricks and hos
by Valerie November 18, 2004
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The being that created you, me and everything on this earth (no matter how much you deny it)and is going to put all the dumbasses that made up a bunch of crap about him burn in hell forever, which i'm sure is fun to see.
God is the greatest.
by Valerie November 24, 2004
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A rapper known for starting feuds with anyone and everyone, who has a great body but was cursed with baby eyes.
by Valerie March 29, 2005
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1. a mass of displeasing or disgusting matter
2. a person who is a waste of life
3. a feeling, generally brought on by exposure to displeasing or disgusting materials or people
1. "i definitely just sat in something. what's this disgustus on my butt?"
2. "what a weird kid. he's such a disgustus"
3. "i just gave that fat guy a sponge bath. i feel all disgustus."
by Valerie July 19, 2004
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