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1: being aware of a difficult situation or position and having a fighting "can do" attitude and not giving up, plus accomplishing said thing(s) within the difficult situation

2: being optimistic, not merely through gut feelings but via having thought about a situation enough to understand how to get through it successfully
Tom: How'd you get to the top of this business in just a few months of work?

Jim: Working hard, working correctly, and taking the white pill.
by Motherfucker Rudy January 30, 2017
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The complete opposite of the black pill. Whereas taking the black pill means that you have a pessimistic view about life and you feel like it's meaningless and it all leads to suffering, taking the white pill means that you start to actually see the world for what it is.

Yeah, there is a lot of suffering, yeah bad stuff will happen, but that's just a part of life. Taking the white pill means accepting these things and understanding that there is more to life than bad stuff.

As a civilization we have been accomplished so much. We are the species that rule the world. We invented things that will give you an immeasurable amount of pleasure. Movies, video games, delicious food, music, competitions. We have achieved a lot.

And so what if there is no God? And so what if there is no meaning to life? That just gives you even more freedom, you have the freedom to choose your own meaning.

Bad times will come and go, and so will good ones, mostly life is neutral, but if you take the white pill you can find pleasure in the mundane.

Just keep doing what you like and balance that with things that you probably don't like doing but are necessary.

You're gonna make it, we're all gonna make it.
Martin: Dude, my anxiety has gotten worse lately, how do you manage to be so optimistic all the time?
Bryan: I don't know man, I just took the white pill when a baby and I understand that bad things will come and go.
Martin: Yeah, but don't you feel terrible when bad things happen? Don't you get sad and deppressed ?
Bryan: Yes I do, but even at those times I just try to learn what could be learned and then I focus on forgetting about it. There more you upset over something the worse it will get. Just try to distact yourself. Force yourself out of that comfort zone. Martin I know what you're talking about, you're upset about that girl aren't you?
Martin: How did you? Man, Im just unlikable. I'll stay alone forever.
Bryan: Martin you're a loser but there is nothing bad about that. Take the white pill, there is a concert tonight and we're going.
Martin: I don't feel like it.
Bryan: JESUS CHRIST, we're you not listening to me? Just force yourself, trust me you'll feel better about it. Maybe you'll even talk to some girls, I'll help you out.
Martin: Are you serious?
Bryan: Hell yeah, white pill all the way.
by Bobata April 04, 2019
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