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often miunderstood, misquoted and very often used as a scapegoat for bad parenting. This guy is a hard working family man who loves the ones closest to him, being either his family friends, or fans. Extremly grateful to all that have supported him through the years. FORGET THE FUCKIN BAT!!!!
He thanks and blesses his fans. LOVES his family. Defends himself regularly.
by Valerie January 22, 2004

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used to describe either a person who does weird art for the sake of being artsy or the art that a person like that does. artsy fartsy is generally bad artwork that is made so weird and hard to understand, that people just assume it's genius.
"that artsy farsty girl just painted a canvas black. she thinks it represents her pain, but i think it's just artsy fartsy."
by valerie July 19, 2004

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1. One who is selfish.
2. One who is hypocritical.
3. One who is apathetic.
4. One who discriminates.
5. Bible thumper.
6. One who is intolerant.
7. One who is Christian.
8. One who does not care about anything that does not effect oneself. See apathetic. See selfish
9. One who is against equal human rights. See gay marriage
10. One who is against women's rights. See abortion.
"Who is that person with their head in the sand? Oh, it's a Republican."
by Valerie December 05, 2004

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usually a devine being - God!
But when in human form - a pleasant gentleman, innocent to the vile ways of mankind!
he is soo good... he has to be a Akarsh
by valerie February 26, 2005

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A popular dance where you bend your knees and rock your hips. It blew up along with the popular 'lean wit it rock wit it' and goes along with a song named 'DO IT' by an artist named bhi.
It is also a club in ATLANTA which the dance was originated.
"bend ya knees, rock ya hips, do the poole palace"
by VALERiE May 09, 2006

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elongated syllable used when dumbfounded
uhhhhhhhhhh....yeh....and stuff
by Valerie March 25, 2004

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Alternate definition: someone who metaphorically "whores" his/her self out, such as by seeking attention or approval.
Did you see Sam whoring it up to impress his coworkers? He's such a prostitute.
by Valerie May 24, 2004

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