A word to use when you're depressed but you don't want to worry another person. You end up worrying them anyway, though.
Friend: Are you okay?
You: I'm fine.
Friend: ...okay. **worries silently**
by fineperson February 13, 2010
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"I'm really not doing that great at all but i don't want to say it out loud so I will tell you that I am a word that in the dictionary means "ok" but if you understand the actual meaning of this word you will know i am speaking in code and i am trying to tell you that i am anything but "fine""
"How are you doing?"
"I am {not} fine."
by caelloki March 18, 2007
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Not fine.
Guy: Hi hun, how are you? You're not still mad about this morning, right?
Girl: No. It's Fine.
by Kyle February 4, 2004
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Hot, Attractive, Nice Body, Beautiful
That girl is fine as hell, man! I would tap that!

Damn! Look at that fine ass!
by Playboy tapper November 27, 2007
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