1. Having the unpleasant qualities of the scrotum, including the wrinkliness and flaccid squashiness thereto attributed.
2. Appearing to have the odor of an unwashed nut-sac.
Oh duuuude, that old man leering at you is scrotesque!
by Valerie February 3, 2005
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1. A grotesque scrotum
2. Something that looks like a grotesque scrotum eg an old persons neck skin
3. Something that is horrible looking to the extreme
2.My god your grandad has a scrotesque neck!
3. Man, your girlfriend is scrotesque!
by Dan, James, Pat February 18, 2004
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a style of persona characterized by repulsive manliness. Bad hygiene expressed through ones daily activities and/or language, all while being aware of ones self and not giving two shits.
Alex just dropped a deuce in that over flowing porta-potty, didn’t think twice about it. Kids’ scrotesque!
by AdMan Jones December 23, 2020
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