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A word that is used as it's own sentance. The technical definition: "schmeep" is just "schmeep".
*giggle* schmeep! *giggle*
by valerie April 1, 2005
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1. Having the unpleasant qualities of the scrotum, including the wrinkliness and flaccid squashiness thereto attributed.
2. Appearing to have the odor of an unwashed nut-sac.
Oh duuuude, that old man leering at you is scrotesque!
by valerie February 3, 2005
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A round white pill similar to alcohol in it's effect, a 1/4 version of quaaludes. For whatever reason, soma are very soft for a pill, and tend to break if you handle them too much.
I bought a huge bottle of soma, half of them were already broken.
by valerie March 29, 2005
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to go crazy. Usually used in the form of "going tea tax" or any other form of the word going.
Omigod, let's go tea tax on Jason for calling me a bitch!
by valerie August 3, 2004
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a loving huevo that loves every cousin she has!!!
margie is huevo #2!
by valerie March 22, 2004
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normally followed by a question mark. shows confusion, sort of like wtf but less angry.
"so after the ape stole my helicopter, i played checkers and ate stale bread."
by valerie November 23, 2004
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