dreadlocks (hair style) made popular by rastas. Got its name from the 'white mans' supposed aversion to them, hence DREAD locks.
by Ganja! July 21, 2005
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nice dreads dude
by tyrell April 12, 2003
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that dude's got some gnarly dreads
hasn't been used much since 1987
by .thieved February 28, 2003
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hairstyle consisting of chunks of hair locked together, thus DREAD LOCKS (wow now wasn't that fun?). mainly worn by people of the rastafari culture and skanky surf punks in california.
That rasta's dreads are totally awesome, especially cuz it symbolizes his african roots and not his lame attempt to be something he's not.
by miss-know-it-all August 12, 2003
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a very hairy vagina;so hairy u can make dreads out of it
mark:yo,taylors all dreads down there

mikey: you fo real?
by mikey reid lives in westie February 24, 2008
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While shopping in the Quiki-Mart yesterday, I dreaded turning down the aisle for fear of coming face-to-face with "Ozzy Osbourne".
by Granny Steele March 30, 2003
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there's been a dreadful accident
by almeighty November 8, 2017
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