A nice way of saying that something is fine provided the lack of options. But if the choice was given, it would not have been the top of the list.
It was a pleasant lunch. (I didnt have anyone else to lunch with).
What a pleasant surprise. (I wish I took another route).
by 3aneeda July 15, 2006
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Random guy- Hey man! how's your girlfriend?

Other guy- Well... she's pleasant I suppose.
by Awesomeness7 June 15, 2013
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Usually the poor ugly people who never amounted to anything.
"Did you see that girl Jessica?"
"She's going to grow into a pleasant."
by Amber the bitch August 24, 2008
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A weird hybrid between a gay werewolf and a metrosexual caveman, that is also known as a sweaterback. Scientific name lupin stupidicist. Often spotted at comic book stores or magic tournaments, species has been known to become violent when interrupted during games of WORLD OF WARCRAFT. Favorite foods include pork rinds and hotpocket.
Dude that pleasant only has 1 tooth and uses the toothpaste defense all the time
by Dr. knockboots August 2, 2012
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A BADASS series of novels written by the Golden God, Derek Landy. The books follow the adventures of Skulduggery Pleasant, a skeletal crime fighter, magician, and detective. Along with Skulduggery is his ragtag bunch of supernatural friends, such as Valkyrie Cain, his teenage sidekick, Ghastly Bespoke, a scarred tailor, and Tanith Low, a sword-wielding adept. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE MISSING!!
(Skulduggery Pleasant is interrogating Kenny, who was at the scene of a crime)
Skulduggery: Can I call you Kenny?
Kenny: Sure.
Skulduggery: It's important that we build up a level of trust, so I can catch you completely unprepared when I suddenly accuse you of murder.
by ReadItz January 8, 2012
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An amazing series of books written by Derek Landy. It follows the adventures of a skeleton sorcerer/detective (Skulduggery Pleasant) and his partner-in-crime Valkyrie Cain. They go around saving the world and such likes with other characters such as Tanith Low, Ghastly Bespoke, Fletcher Renn, Erskine Ravel and much more. In my opinion, the books are absolutely fantastic - witty, clever, surprising you at every turn, full of shocks and surprises. If you haven't read them yet, give them a go - you won't regret it.
Valkyrie allowed herself a moment, then went back to the door. There were squad cars all over the place, Guards milling around the street and barking orders into walkie-talkies. The poor guy she'd kneed in the groin stood hunched over by an ambulance, and the cop Margaret had struck stood nearby, glowering.
The Bentley pulled up, and she waited until the cops had stopped admiring it before stepping out and running over. She jumped in.
Skulduggery looked at her, then looked at all the cops. ''Your doing?'' he asked. She nodded, and he sighed as they pulled away.
''OK then, who tried to kill you this time?''

Person 1: ''Have you read the new Skulduggery Pleasant book, Kingdom of the Wicked?''
Person 2: ''I'm nearly finished. It's so good, isn't it?''
Person 1: ''Absolutely!''
by Odd Girl Out September 17, 2012
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A School district in Bettendorf Iowa which is ninety percent white and the average income is significantly higher than the rest of the nation. It is often reported that there is literally nothing to do in Bettendorf, and that is correct.
This sucks man I was just at Pleasant Valley High School and realized I was the only one with an Ipod from last year, my social status is ruined.
by PV09 July 24, 2008
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