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to 'choose' something slightly more carelessly then regular choosing. (eh, it made the dictionary bish!)
i choo choo choos u.
by Tristan February 26, 2004
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This is a special word that has one proper meaning, it is used to describe bad fortune (eg. said after u see someone fall over or make any kind of mistake) or alternatively, a person who is mal-co-ordinated, or generally unfortunate (every group of friends has one, you know, the one who always gets a football in the nads)
(your mate is walking along and walks into a lampost)- your immediate reaction; HOY!!!!!!!!!!!
by Tristan January 3, 2004
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an ulgy girl. derived from scoring girls out of ten.
-"alright you naught"
by Tristan January 3, 2004
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an interval of time shorter than a minute but longer than a second.
i've been waiting for misns!
by Tristan February 27, 2004
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An undescribable amount of love
I loverzez Kels! Used instead of: I love Kels lots and lots and lots and lots.
by Tristan May 2, 2004
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A Religon that worshopr and idolizes Wookies and Chewbacca as dieties
I have to go every sunday morning to my church of Chewbism.
by Tristan June 6, 2004
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A medical condition in which the sufferer loses his or her sense of short term memory for conversation.
This syndrome in known to occur in many different environments, though it has got it's name from the first documented case in a kennels in Studley, Worcestershire.
It has been known to occur in educational establishments as well, notably it occurs with devastating effect in primary school teachers, and teaching assistants.
The condition, which is not confirmed to be viral, bacterial or fungal has evolved a strain which has high contaigousness. It is establishing a hold in Aberystwyth, and looks to be colonising the South East of England. It's spread in the Midlands has been slowed effectively by containment.

Kennel Syndrome has been linked to excessive consumption of blue smarties, peaking in those suffering from blue smartie syndrome and spreads fastest throughout populations with high numbers of INAD sufferers.

A vaccine is being produced, as it is deeply irritating to those who do not suffer it.
10.04, Monday. "Liz, did I tell you about what I got my sister for Christmas?"
"No, what did you get her?"

11.15, Tuesday. "Liz, did I tell you about what I got my sister for Christmas?"
"I think you did, but remind me".

11.18, Tuesday. "Liz, did I tell you about what I got my sister for Christmas?"
"Yes, you did. Stop telling me the same stuff over and over! Have you got Kennel Syndrome or something?!".
by Tristan December 14, 2005
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