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A bars themed around hookahs, apparatus for inhaling smoke.
"He went with his buddies to a hookah bar earlier tonight and he's been burnt out ever since."
by D. Stern June 25, 2005
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origiinating in the middle east. came over to america and are popping up all over NYC. Miami LA and cali... very hip and popular where people aged 14-28 go to drink and smoke shisha. normally good high...

a very relaxed smoking enviorment and is very good
So what are you guys doing in the city?

oh we'll probly hit up that hookah bar on 1st
by citysmoker420 January 16, 2009
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A place where douchebags go to shove hoses full of smoke into each others' assholes.
Hey Jefferey, wanna go to the hookah bar?

I wanted to anal pound my boyfriend and listen to Drake tonight, but sure.
by Stickygonads July 15, 2014
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