According to comedian Al Jackson approximately 5 years.
I ain't see joe in like a minute

Tupac's been dead for like 3 minutes.
by @EgoManiacs January 6, 2012
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"Yo man, when can you get here?" "Man, I'm busy, I'm a be there in a minute."
by Sway78 October 5, 2007
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only a short time spent with a significant other, who is not really that significant - short term relationship
"I was only wit her for A MINUTE, ain't like I'm married to her."
by Chief Rocka September 10, 2004
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When you haven't done something in a long time.
For example, I haven't seen her in a minute.
by MM July 27, 2004
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A very long time.
yo I haven't seen you in a minute!
by NicKay March 16, 2003
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Might be 20 minutes, 5 minutes or a week or a year... but rarely really just one minute...
I haven't felt so alive in a minute... but i do now..
by Amberlynn Drake May 25, 2014
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