the filipino way to get someones attention
Hoy.....where did my lumpia go?
by Anonymous October 14, 2003
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Contact, call, get in touch. It can also mean 'call out to get someone's attention'. The word is used in the Australian expression 'give (someone) a hoy'.
"I'l be working in the next room. Give us a hoy when you're finished packing these boxes."

"If you have any questions, just give me a hoy on my mobile."

"As soon as I find out more information, I'll give you a hoy."
by rafracia May 20, 2009
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Term used as a verb in Newcastle dialect. Means 'to throw' or 'throw out'.
"hoy that over here." means "throw that over here"
"hoy it!" means "put it in the bin"
by hgf December 8, 2004
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1. What Filipinos use to call someone's attention. Usually said in a loud voice. Similar to Hey!, only with greater force.

2. Norse word meaning "high island", Hoy is one of the Orkney Islands, which is near Britain.

Whoever who said Holla, please. Hoy is way more better because hoy is MUCH MORE Filipino, rather than Holla, which is severely retarded.

Heh heh heh, conform to ghetto azn STYLE </sarcasm>. HAH.
1. Hoy Jimbo! Uwi!

2. I'd like to visit Hoy.
by Welp June 20, 2004
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The Filipino way of saying "Hey!" but can be expressed sometimes in objection, if you're going to call someone's attention (negatively or positively).
Hoy! Andito ako! (Hey! I'm over here!)
Hoy, gaga ka! Sino may sabi sayong nadapa ako sa kanto?! (Hey, you idiot! Who told you I tripped at the corner?!)
by kei_blue October 5, 2003
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The high-pitched sound one makes at somebody who is complaining about stupid shit so to irritate them even more.
Friend 1: Dude come on! I called shot gun! This isn't fair!

Friend 2: Hoy! Hoy! Hoy! Shot gun! I called it! Hoy!
by TheBoysHoy January 17, 2012
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a phrase to exhibit excitement; usually pronounced in a high pitch Asian accent. Prominently used to show sexual exhilaration and lustful spontaneity.
A girl sees an attractive guy in passing and shouts, "HOY!"
by smeggi ferroleo August 31, 2009
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