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A brilliant guy with a very big dick. They're usually have a deep sexy voice an extremely muscular body. You don't want to make a Fortune angry or else you would regret it.

A Fortune is a very funny guy who could always make you laugh no matter the circumstances. A Fortune usually loved by girls because of his ability to sound seductive with his voice.
Boy : I hope a Fortune doesn't take my lady

Girl : he already did
by Nunley August 07, 2017
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Handsome young man, smart, good looking and tall. He is funny and make girls laugh at everything he says
Fortuné is also good at everything he does, especially girls.
by Botchnego December 20, 2016
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Fortune, with a capital F, is the classical figure personifying fortune (with a lower-case F). Usually depicted as a person with a wheel full of outcomes; whatever the wheel is spun to is what happens.

(For the idea of a personified abstraction, consider Death, with a capital D, the cloaked figure with a scythe who personifies death, with a lower-case d.)
O, Fortune, how thou hast abandoned me!
by the letter d August 11, 2007
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beautiful girl; good sense of style; great social media person!;Girly;cute
1.Hey man did you see that girl Fortune, shes hot!
2.Fortune is captian of the school!
3.omg!She followed me back!!!
by heidihavier February 15, 2018
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