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none of these definitions that I have read are a true definition of love

that is infatuation,
or any combination of the above

love ISN'T when you want or need to be with them every second of the day
love IS when the time you spend with them is perfect, and the time you spend apart is equally as good

love ISN'T when you depend on them and your whole life revolves around them
love IS when they are a perfect addition to your life, it doesn't make everything else seem perfect, it makes everything else bareable and manageable
they help you grow as a person, and make you a better person and feel better about yourself and life in general

love ISN'T when you hate saying goodbye
love IS when you see "goodbye" as the possibility of saying "hello" all over again

love DOESN'T cover their flaws
love DOES show their flaws for all they are, but you love their imperfections, cuz it makes them who they are, and you love and accept them for everything they are

love grows
and encourages growth
love isn't perfect
but it's always close

real true love,
is the best thing that will ever happen to you
most people will never even meet that one other person in the world that really loves them
let alone love them back
by butterflyx August 21, 2009
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1)When one soul is split into two bodies, and both pieces find each other. They my have been apart for a while, but like magnets, they will one day be joined together, and it will be hard to pull apart. If they are pulled apart, they are never the same. Never.

Remember that what you say, do, show, experience, cry about all have an effect on what happens to your own magnets, as well the other piece that missing. If you still haven't found your other piece, don't worry. Love knows where your other half is, and one day will join you two, even if it is in another life.

Its not desire for the body. And yet its not desire for the soul. Love isnt desire. Love is being satisfied with what you have. Loving yourself, means you're satisfied with who you are. Loving another means you're satisfied with the fact that you have them.

2) When you catch your breath, and hearts stuck in your throat, and butterflies fly, because someone told you "I love you".
1) Tell someone today that you love them. And mean it. Don't go breaking hearts, just because you want their body.

2) Him: What is the value of i in the equation, 9-11i>3(3+11u)?
Me: I <3 u
Him: Me too. <3
by LoveGivesMeHope December 28, 2011
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verb: The act of caring and giving to someone else...having someone's best interest and wellbeing as a priority in your life. To truly L.O.V.E. is a very selfless act.
Michael Jackson was a loving humaitarian and wanted to make the world a better place for all. He was the embodiment of L.O.V.E.
by PY Love and Peace November 02, 2012
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Its when, you cant stop thinking about someone. & there always on your mind constantly. They are all you ever think of, and all you want in your life. You want to be with them forever. Being in there arms makes you the happiest person alive. Just kissing them makes your heart melt inside. & when your with them, you never want them to leave. Being in there arms, even just looking at them brings the bigest smile to your face.
Thats when you know you love someone.
When someone says somthing cute. & you gets tears in your eyes. just for a second. thats when you know your in love.
by Amber Briggs May 14, 2008
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Love is not wanting to go anywhere without her. Love is not caring what other people think about the two of you. You feel like your life has no meaning or purpose without her. And that if she wasn't holding your hand you would float away to heaven from where she came. Love is caring for her physically and emotionally. Love is telling her u want to spend the rest of your life with her. Love is wanting to marry her even tho ya'll haven't been dating that long. That you would do anything and everything for her. It's the feeling that you would give up everything just to see her smile or look into her beautiful eyes or hear her soft, soothing voice. Love is the feeling you get when all you have to do is think of her and it brings a smile to your face and a yourning to your heart. Love is not being able to think about nething but her. Love is having the sweetest dreams about her and waking up with a smile on ur face. Love is an overwelming feeling of pure bliss when the 2 of u kiss. Love is wanting to hold her in ur arms till the end of time. Love is wishing ur time with her never ends, that your lips would be locked together forever, that she'd be in ur arms till the end of time, that u could cuddle with her for all of eternity. Love is being helplessy and deeply in love with her and knowing your love for her and your feelings for her will never change/end. Love is the world, the world is love, and she is the world to me.
I love you Lian. I never want to stop hearing your voice or looking into your beautiful brown eyes. You are the most amazing person in my life. Will you be my girlfriend?<3
by colby gonzalez December 27, 2011
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