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To fuck and cuddle simultaneously or in the same session.
My girlfriend and I just had a little fuckle for Valentine's Day.
by Andy Bader February 06, 2003
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When you can't help laughing at a funny meme, post, or article on a topic that absolutely infuriates you. Combination of fury and chuckle.
Did you see Wonkette 's latest on Trump's assholery? I fuckled so hard I spat.
by Spenser's Mom October 12, 2017
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Contrary to popular belief, Fuckles is a term used to describe sudden and serious exclamation.
"FUCKLES, she just dumped me. Whore."

"Oh fuckles, did you forget to put the fire out in the field?"

"FUCKLES! My parents are going to find that dead body under my bed if I don't clean by tomorrow!"
by donotello July 12, 2008
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