Short for "although". One of the "great eight" filler words. Only approximately 0.1‰ (1 out of 10 000) know how to use the word properly.
Bob: "Missy Crotchrot is such an overall perfect woman!"
Melvin: "Yeah, but what about that butt, though."
by Burt Milhorse Eriksson April 11, 2021
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To add more unecessary words to a sentence....though is not really used for much when coming at the end of an already complete sentence.
What up though?

When you coming over though?

His fit was clean though.
by Angeleka September 19, 2003
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created by rob gooch. not to be confused with the english word though.

you can use it to meet and greet, describe a word, take place of a word... pretty much anything.

"sup though?"

"hey uhh... whats up though?"

"nothing though"

"uhh... though though"

by rob gooch April 26, 2009
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In the same way that it would be if
looked as though she were made of ice
by Yosra Hamdy September 9, 2006
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The ultimate answer to any statement, showing that you think that what's been said is a load of bollocks, or at least that the other person doesn't deserve a reply that takes any of your valuable brainpower. If the other person is playing along, they should come back with a perfectly-weighted "Well..." with accompanying gestures.
"Britney Spears' latest album is the greatest piece of music of our age."
"Is it though?"

"I roxor your socks."
"Do you though?"
"Debateable, tbh"
by Kameeeleon June 11, 2005
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although, however, nevertheless

Also unnecessarily used after an object by many girls on facebook in order to bring attention to said object.
ex.1 Though Jamie knew she was right for Rick, she dated Tom.

ex 2. Jamie dated Tom, though she knew she was right for Rick.

ex 3. Teenage girl on facebook:"my eyes/hair/face/neck/shirt/body/etc. thoooo<3"

ex 4. That ass was so nice though...
by MoHizzo December 27, 2012
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Said at the end of a statement as sarcasm, usually said in a different tone as the rest of the sentence. Similar to the 90's "not".
"Hey man, you coming over my house today?"
"Is coming over your house today, though."
"Why not?"

"Megan Fox is hot though."
"Yeah I don't know why anyone thinks she is, toe thumbs are gross."
by Anconnre November 20, 2009
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