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Prestigious Death Rock Band from Long ago. Latest Album was last year, "Wages of Sin"
What is Arch Enemy? Tell me later, I am too busy doing what MTV tells me to.
by Tommy August 23, 2003
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A northern term used to discribe a womens head lamps when on main beam
I saw this girl, it was so cold she had nips like chapel hat pegs
by Tommy October 22, 2003
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What anime cartoon characters look like when they are looking stupid while standing in the back of the setting.
The 3 warriors were looking chibi when 2 girls got in a catfight.
by Tommy October 15, 2003
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From the song "Stairway To Heaven." There's a lady who's sure, all that glitters is gold... so, she believes a falsehood, but one that guides her nonetheless. This is a sardonic or dark spin on the age old saying that "all that is gold does not glitter."
Go to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.
by Tommy January 07, 2004
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a pair of mens drawers that has legs like a boxer but is tight like a brief as to provide support without 'strangulation.' rapidly gaining populatity, especially among athletes, the hip hop world, and metrosexuals.
"I wear boxer briefs on gym days but the rest of the time regular boxers."
by Tommy November 22, 2003
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