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1. A term to define hardcore and metalcore kids, mainly around demographics of 24 years old and under. These are the same kids who may be considered fashioncore, emo, hXc and etc. with their tight jeans as well long shags blindfolding their eyes.

2. A way of saying "cool" in definition #1's very perspective of relevance. It's used to express approval/acceptance usual to a scene kid by a scene kid.
1. Dude remember when Norma Jean toured with Through The Eyes of the Dead? That was the best scene show I've ever attended.

xxxCRYMEARIVERANDDROWNMYSELFxx: dude I just got the nevea tears album!
by Tommy January 18, 2005
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some one that is insaine
robby u r a nizum
by Tommy July 1, 2003
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1) Idiots who call themselves rappers
2) Idiots who drink lots of "Faygo" which you can buy at Fiesta for 25 cents a bottle.
3) Idiots who rip off the cover art of a Mike Patton album and apply it to their face.
4) People who make shitty movies.
5) Idiots who do all of the above.
All of Static2k
by Tommy October 21, 2003
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a big gathering of sound people
there is a big crewage in the park
by Tommy April 26, 2005
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To illustrate an invalid point in a speaker's attempt to resignate with listeners his lack of ability to embetter his environment.

See also strategery, misunderestimate resignate or embetter.
The enemy understands a free Iraq will be a major defeat in their ideology of hatred. That's why they're fighting so vociferously.
by Tommy October 1, 2004
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