Lacking home-taught manners and social etiquette.
ex. Those assholes who were yelling in the mall lack home traning.
ex. Shaleiqua does not say please or thank you. She says "yo, gimme that shit". That is lacking in home training.
by Fifiiii September 23, 2006
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Last Train Home is the second single from Start Something, the second album by the Welsh rock band lostprophets. This single is the bands highest charting to date and one of their most sucessful songs. The band refused to release the accompanying music video to MTV's Total Request Live, however, realising it could seriously damage their credibility among serious American rock fans, and thus make it harder for the band to establish a long-lasting career and loyal international fan base.

Track listing

C.D. 1
Last Train Home
Last Train Home (demo)
The Politics Of Emotion

C.D. 2
Last Train Home
Cry Me A River (cover)

Last Train Home
Shinobi (acoustic)


from the album: Start Something
Released: January 26, 2004 (U.K)
Format: Enhanced CD
Genre: Alternative metal
Length: 4:35
Label: Columbia Records / Visible Noise
Producer(s): Eric Valentine

Chart positions
8 (U.K)
75 (U.S Hot 100)
1 (U.S Modern Rock)
10 (U.S Mainstream Rock)
Last train home is the counted as lostprophets's best song.
by Scarer August 11, 2006
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