1) A person who thinks they are in power but who is actually a pawn

2) A person who is told they are in charge but who has to lick the boss's ass and do all the bullshit work for a fraction of his pay
1) "She's walking around like a queen now that she's the assistant manager. The fact is; she doesn't know how to make any rules! Maybe her first rule should be to change her fucking underwear so I can't smell toxic queef every time she walks past me!"

2) "Sally, you'll be in charge while I'm not around. If there's a complaint from one of the drunk customer's, you'll deal with it. When someone pukes in the washroom; you'll have to clean it up. When everyone goes home; you'll stick around to close. If you need me, you can try my cell. Your pay will have to stay the same...but you'll be the assistant manager....congratulations!"
by thedude1963 April 20, 2013
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one who does all the crap other people won't and listens to all the bitchin from both sides.
The assistant manager will do it.
by beckstarr July 25, 2008
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a junior assistant manager breakdown is when either a burger king or hardees wannabe manager attempts to stop you from getting a soda when you ordered a water. it sometimes is triggered by a junior assistant manager freakout, and is usually accompanied by empty threats from the middle-aged jr assistant management and bouts of laughter from myself.
some lady: hey! dump it out and get a water!
me: it was an accident
some lady: you didn't pay for that!!!
me: it's okay, relax and try not to have a junior assistant manager breakdown
by brotographer March 20, 2010
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An individual working on a journal (often a Law Review) that does excellent work but can be catty/judgy.
AME: Did you see that guy? He looks like Jabba the Hutt?

Girl: Why you gotta be so catty?

Guy: Because he's an Assistant Managing Editor (AME).
by legalshenanigans August 21, 2014
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not dwight schrute. if you were looking for the position of dwight schrute at dunder mifflin scranton from 2005-2013, look for "assistant TO the regional manager"
Dwight: I am the assistant regional manager.
Jim: Assistant TO the regional manager
by mohantypower August 05, 2014
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The Assistant Plant Manager is usually the smartest person in the plant. Everybody respects him and knows he is the man in charge. He is usually very funny and everyone always laughs at his jokes.
Employee 1: Does anybody know what to do?

Employee 2: no, but I bet the assistant plant manager has the answer!
by sausagefest12 March 11, 2019
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