When too much air builds up during insertion from the penis. When the penis is removed it results in the excretion of air buildup and is released without female control. "Farting"
As Jake was removing his massive dick from her wet pussy, she queefed.
by Anita Cox February 12, 2004
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Queefing can be used in substitute for trippin, lunchin, or straight acting a fool. It can also be used to describe any object in a negative manner.
I don't know whats wrong with them, but Andrea, Laura, and Christine be queefing hard.

But off the no bull, those Shaq Shoes are queefing.
by Show me what you got October 25, 2006
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When a dude who's a real pussy whines about not being included in shit. It's the sound of lips flapping around due to complaints and tears.
Friend #1: I'm never invited to depot events queef, queef, queef.

Friend #2: Quit queefing you camel bitch.
by Cricket Choadster January 31, 2009
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a little bit of air that gets caught in a woman`s vagina sometimes it happens after you have intercourse it can also happen if you just have a god damn vagina and it is not something to be embarrasd about because even if your a girl and a virgin it can happen to you to it sometimes happens when you walk because of the space inbetween your legs
oh crap i just queefed. don`t worry its cute
by killer queef March 24, 2016
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His coital sojourn was brief;
He came, and withdrew like a thief.
As his trouser snake left,
Though, there belched from her cleft
A most satisfactory queef.
by npetrikov June 8, 2010
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When the magical unicorn in women's vagina sneezes. Usually during sex.
"damn, Lucy can queef like an elephant!"
by playdoedoedoe February 18, 2017
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