He was greeted with much laud for his accomplishments.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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to pimp young boys to closet queens for money; to deny your roots
dat derek done em boys over to be portillo-ed, like he was bishop of london!
by Derek Laud May 29, 2005
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A fucking cutie who always gives you hugs and kisses when you need, she cries a lot and can't stand to see you down.
Laude's are very sexy and rare. Everybody is jealous.
damn, she is a snack, she must be a Laude
wow, I'm feeling down. I wish I had a Laude to cheer me up
I'm so happy I have a Laude as my girlfriend
by babe0820 April 3, 2020
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Yes! I know! I referenced your video or a thing you said! Damn! Relax! As soon as I get the credit I deserve I will adequately laud you all for your excellence... Jesus...
Hym "Yes, yes. I know! I will laud you all for your excellence as soon as I am presented with an opportunity to do so. Damn! Just chill out for a second! Like, are you not seeing the shit that is going on here!? I have a lot on my plate! I'm trying not to go insane over here... Indefinitely... It's like a full time job! Relax! Holy Ba-Jesus!"
by Hym Iam August 5, 2022
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cumming with great force and war cries
I need you to cum laude so the neighbors can hear, too.
by bigblueinmysmurf April 15, 2016
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A thing to say to someone who was coughing, meaning i hope you are okay or i hope you feel better.
Someone: *coughs*
Me: Laud you!

Someone: Thank you!
by Upwords October 15, 2017
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academic distinction.

Summa cum laude : the best
Magna cum laude : very good
Cum laude : good, but not that good.
I am so sapiosexual, I need a man who graduated cum laude
by CocoFrench June 27, 2013
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