An innuendo for cum. (See Jared Padaleki and Misha Collins at JIB7)
Fan: the question was if Sam and Cas made any influence on each other.
Misha: Oh yeah. All over each other.
by blueyedbbyinatrenchcoat July 25, 2017
Influence is usually used for if you're on drugs. sometimes people can influence you to do something.
If have taken drugs, you are "under the influence".
one of the members of the band, Green Day, has done drugs and made a song about being under the influence. the band member was Tre Cool.
Jimmy: Man, I'm gonna go drive to my house now
Tom: Didn't you do some drugs?
Jimmy: Ya, ?
Tom: you'll get thrown in jail for driving under the influence.
by Linnea... April 4, 2006
A word instagram users use to describe themselves to make them feel famous and more important when no one really know who they are or care, usually the type of people that call themselves foodies and post pictures of their avocado and toast cause they can't really do anything else interesting, usually also post their last holiday asking someone to #takemeback
*example Instgram bio*

John Doe, Blogger, Foodie, Traveller, Influencer

Guy A: So you're an influencer eh, tell me how many peoples lives you've changed by posting a picture of your breakfast
by We_Talkin_Bout_PRACTICE August 4, 2018
Someone with lack of intelligence and a lot of free time, followed by tons of idiots on some social network, usually instagram. "Influencers" are called so because their opinion worths something only to primates with IQ lower than room temperature, therefore those primates tend to follow influencer's actions without thinking about it.
*Kyle JennerInstgram bio*

influencer, foodie, socially useless idiot

Kyle Jenner: "sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me... ugh this is so sad."

Followers: "Ugha Ugha ugheem lets delete snapchat because kyle said so ugha ugha"

*followers delete snapcat
*followers continues to drop IQ

*followers rape neighbours
by CawkReider November 20, 2018
A makeup, hairstyle, or fashion blogger who is instafamous only on Instagram or buys "followers" and "likes" and gets free products from companys who fall in their trap of fake fame.
Jeff: "So, what do you do for a living?"
Becky: "Im an influencer, I have 200k followers."
by Nat tuh lee May 19, 2017
Lisa says she is now an influencer on social media. She is the first to think of herself in that way.
by sillywilly7 February 26, 2022
A prominent figure on a social media platform whom generally exchanges financial instruments or special benefits for endorsements; Influencers are not averse to blackmailing, threatening, and denouncing businesses should their demands be met with resistance.

See also: Freeloader, Attention Whore, Blackmail, Threats, Denouncement, Entitled, Spoiled, Unethical Behavior, Occupations for Middle School Dropouts with GPAs Below 2, Trash, Whore, Trash Whore.

Person 1: So are you up to these days?

Person 2: Well I'm officially an influencer with 50,000 followers on Instagram.

Person 1: Have you ever thought of seeking professional help?
by Jackwerks01 April 9, 2020