A girl who has a very sexy body and nice face as well as a kind adorable personality.
"I love my Hot Girl she has such a fine toned body and beautiful face yet she's so bubbly and kind"
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by A human male September 07, 2018
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a girl that attracts guys and gives them boners and makes them want to do nasty things to her.
hay hot girl take your clothes off and let me eat your pussy
by bitchnigerfrombangcock April 20, 2009
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a. A very attractive girl. Usually refers to people aged from 14-27.

b. A girl who turns on men instantly.

c. Someone many guys like to stare at.

d. A girl you wouldn't mind dating. That is, if you got the guts to ask her out and get a "yes."

e. An arrogant female who thinks looks justify that they're better than others who aren't good looking.

f. Someone you would go out and have sex with for one night, but not necessarily for a long-term relationship.

g. A girl who has a good body and nice face with a very good match up between the two.
Look at that hot girl; I'd pay $100 to screw her right now!
by Melvin720720 September 22, 2009
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A very atractive girl. She's so hot that you may talk to her, sit by her and touch her thighs. If she dosent do or say anything. She probably likes you. This is usually happens at parties.
Guy1: dude I saw this hot girl at a party. So It made me flirt with her. I sat close to her and felt her legs. She did'nt say anything. Think she likes me? Guy1s friend: she defindly likes you. A hot girl letting you touch her? You should ask her out,
by sage thunder April 23, 2010
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hot girls are teens you would like to bang or have sex with or see naked
My friend said his girl friend wanted to bang him and said she`s a hot girls.
by calvin ortiz November 14, 2007
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