to praise; laud; Also a Christian Death Metal band
Extol extols the name of God so morosely.
by Tommy August 23, 2003
A technical death-thrash-black metal band from Norway that kicks major ass!! Note: they are also christians with solid beliefs that don't go around hitting people with Bibles
Extol's new album Blueprint is due Feb 21st
by winter_hanami January 12, 2005
Another name for the furry site E621.
Used in public to keep people from knowing you are a furry.
I am an avid reader of Extol 62:1
by God_Of_Femboys February 24, 2021
EDM producer notorious for their Twitter shitposting and love for boobs
Person 1: “Did you see what Extolant tweeted today?”
Person 2: “Oh god, what did they say this time?”
by Extolant August 23, 2022