Someone who has found something more interesting than sex and alcohol.
Parties bore Dan because he is an intellectual.
by Paradoxical Bum June 11, 2005
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A person with a creative mind who studies and reflects and thinks himself out of a basic knowedge of who he really is.
Dude, an intellectual explained to me that the planet earth is the result of a "big bang" in the universe and that man evolved from the swamps.
by Mack C March 17, 2007
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A grown-up nerd.

(It must be noted that--typically--the burgeoning intellectual may/will suffer his/her nadir of social popularity between the age(s) of 12-21. However, after pubescence, everybody realizes how very interesting they (i.e. the intellectuals) are b/c they (i.e. the intellectuals) chose to stay inside, cultivating a personality, while the rest of the general population was drunkenly scrambling to remove their clothes.)
Being an intellectual, Tim M. Fenton used "The Dark Knight Returns" as the basis for his thesis on the influence of genre fiction in 1980's American literature.
by The Mad Stork March 1, 2010
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1.A person capable of writing grammatically correct phrases expressing the fashionable opinions of the day.
2.Self styled national conscience and natural leader.

3.Linguistic acrobat specialising in moral postures and verbal smoke and mirrors.
The Western intellectuals find themselves in a desperate situation. In order to justify their existence within the limits of the straitjacket of their own design (such as Political Correctness and Multiculturalism), they have to resort to insincerity, selective outrage, taking offence on the behalf of others, ignoring atrocities committed by privileged, oppressed people.

Censorship and intimidation is the wet dream of the intellectuals. It is the only acceptable safety net when balancing on a tightrope in world of ever changing sensibilities and linguistic prohibitions, producing a spectacle of moral indignation in competition for the attention of a fickle audience.

Fear of ridicule is the constant companion of the Politically Correct intellectual in his battle against facts and observations by the uneducated.
by Raymond Watts October 25, 2009
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Word that people who have no good looks associate themselves with in order to have some self-worth.
A person who brags about being an intellectual truly lacks self-esteem.
by Mr.Pibb February 3, 2009
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