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the illest piece of damn pie you could eat
by michael April 20, 2003
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The maddest, sickest, best shit.
So Who are You: "The illest raw-digger rapping Brick-City, if I'm lying may the lord come and strike my left titty."
by Diego August 31, 2003
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A coined term by Filipinos to describe something that is very cool and enjoyable to the masses of other Filipinos and can also cause a bit of jealousy between them.
Manny's car is the illest and it's making me so jealous that I want to steal his Rota Wheels and smoke my vape to the max!
by Axle Foliage December 31, 2013
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To be among the best of somthing but in a unique ground breaking manner. To raise the bar. Change the game. To surpass the best and take them to school. To take something and make it your own. To broaden the minds of others in what you create or build or preform.
That is the illest shit I've ever seen yo!
by Nic~Jamez August 22, 2018
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