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A place where there lives people, and a church, a postoffice, and a place where beer is sold exists. A town is not as big as a city.
I buddy, let's cruise down to town.
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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town/ta:n/ Pronunciation: 'taün (toun)

Function: noun
Etymology: Mid to low English, from Old English "tûn", group, bunch, weapon; akin to Late low High Swiss/Deutsch "zûn", oppressive enclave (literally); place where leather shorts are considered appropriate dress. Old Irish town; town
Date: before 4th century

1. a. Abbr. t. T. tn. An incorporated settlement, larger than a village and smaller than a city. b. The inhabitants of such a settlement. 2. populated area, its size being somewhere between a city and a village. 3. The main city of a populated area. 4. the people that comprise said population center. 5. a cluster or clump of groups called a town: See town 6. a group of prairie dog burrows

-on the town: to pursue entertainment or amusement (as city nightlife) especially as a relief from routine; to town around: to act in a humorous fashion like a town; what goes around comes to town: the belief that the energy a person puts out will show back up in a populated area uninvited
EX: The blokes who lived in the flat finished their bangers and mash, turned off the telly and took the lift down to the pavement in order to queue for the tram just like the rest of the bloody town.
by Murasaki Yugata March 26, 2007
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verb: go to town or smoke weed
noun: the place you go to go to town or smoke weed
verb: So, are you gonna town on Friday?
noun: Let's go to town right now.
by Ring Dinger April 01, 2008
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A commonly used word amongst middle/high school students in South Australia. The word itself stands for a local football club (Edwardstown) and is used to show support for the club.
by mad towns supporter September 05, 2008
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the best suffix. sounds good in all situations, when it just fits.
- Fuck youtown.
- Did she suck your cocktown?
- Man I am really bakedtown
by saltcock November 18, 2005
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