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A mildly noxious fart that lingers and contains a medium degree of humidity
Whoa, I've just copped a niff of that poofarty that Markie left behind.…
by The Poison Dwarf June 30, 2010
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Any self obsessed individual that jogs and wobbles in increasingly desperate attempts to create an illusion of fitness whilst shrouded in a layer of all concealing black lycra.
Regard mi bredren Simon; him gwan all The Inflatable Pig stylie..
by The Poison Dwarf May 31, 2011
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For an individual to unwittingly countenance a frown or look of overall disdain that although not seemingly apparent to themselves, is plainly obvious to others around them and evident that the bearer is best avoided until the blackness of mood has passed, together with the potential consequences.
Andy's in a right mood today; he's got that cuntichops look about him. Best to fuck offski tout de suite if you don't want an arse kicking because he's out to whoop somebody's bottie big time stylie..
by The Poison Dwarf August 04, 2010
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an expression used to describe the failure of a system to operate or a project to go according to plan
"Wayne's laptop has gone fukazi and shut down yet again! I fear that if our IT tech fails yet agaiin to rectify the problem, then he will suffer consequential problems when Wayne catches him and forcibly inserts the faulty hardware in his rectum"

Rectum? Didn't do em much good......
by The Poison Dwarf July 15, 2010
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A genial expression of close affilliation best expressed by unexpectedly tapping a friend, relative or associate in the genital region, with the back of one's hand usually with the intent of causing mild discomfort or pain. This can escalate over a period of time into a situation in which the nobtap may be performed at the most inconvenient or inopportune moment, with the intention of causing maximum embarassment. The response (or rather lack of one) from the tappee might be insinuated as reflecting the prowess or endurance of the recipient, causing even greater anxiety for the tapper in the form of events yet to come.
That little fuck Simon nobtapped me in the jewels when I was on the phone, really made my eyes water. I'd have twatted him right back but I fear that he enjoys any form of bodily contact, no matter how perverse.....
by The Poison Dwarf July 10, 2010
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Summary definintive noun that might be used to describe any person that is newly accquainted but at occasional odds when faced with the various complexities of personal computing, the internet and e-mail. Theoretically the sequence can be amended to suit any individual but should only be restricted to single syllable names for maximum impact. See also ned-dot-kelly..
Has that old fucker mark-dot-beard logged on to his e-mails yet?

I have sent him a verbal twatting that is sure to impress...and his new screensaver will surely cause more irritation than rampant pubic lice.
by The Poison Dwarf August 04, 2010
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An individual who appears to know the answer to everything, or to be sufficiently well versed in the art of bullshitting to give the illusion that they do. Over time such individuals can become highly revered in society, attaining influential positions and status.
Employee 1 - "Beardie, you old fuckwitt, what does this document mean?"

Employee 2 - "Haa Harrr - fuck only knows, why don't you go and ask Mooj? He's a right old knowledge knob, and no mistake.. qualiteeeeee!"
by The Poison Dwarf August 03, 2010
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