when you meet a girl, then she adds you on myspace (or vice versa) then you talk on AIM, then the phone and as soon as you know it you're making out in the movie theatre.
Taylor: Man, MC added me on Myspace last night.
Bobby: The sequence has just begun.
by bobbitoem July 25, 2008
a particular order in which related events, movements, or things follow each other.
the content of the program should follow a logical sequence
by NessandFriends January 23, 2016
An electronic music device that allows individual notes to be programmed and played back.
Most of the electronic music you hear is "played" using a sequencer.
by SynthBaron November 28, 2003
A software or hardware musical tool that allows you to lay down a sequence of notes over a series of measure(s).

It's commonly abused in conjunction with an arpeggiator by the musically uneducated.
Unclean fool: d00d u hav 2 see wut i jus made in FL studio!

Me: It's not just the same three chords arpeggiated over and over in the sequencer in 4/4 time is it? Please don't tell me the rhythm is just a bass drum playing pure quarter notes!

Unlcean fool: ...huh? maybe... :(
by lilwangster May 22, 2011
Someone who uses a music program (Noteworthy Composer, Anvil Studio, etc) to recreate music by ear in MIDI format. Usually taken from video games, movies, or general theme songs.
"Dude, I just found a MIDI of the Ghostbusters theme."
"Heh, I know the sequencer who made that."
by BB48 October 20, 2005
A Spark Sequence is a mathematical sequential relationship defined using variables k, r, a, p and s.
Bravan: What is this sequence?
Brendan: That's ASS!
Bravan: I'm going to beat yo ass
Brian: It's a Spark Sequence!
by kneegero October 31, 2019
The act of going all the way with a girl or guy without using any foreplay or touching any other base, as though you were breaking the natural order of events commonly found in video games.
Guy 1: "I was totally sequence breaking the hell out of this game!"
Guy 2: "I was totally sequence breaking the hell out of your sister! She was pretty damn easy "
Guy 1: >:O
by NuthingoodDobz June 29, 2010