1. The feeling of helplessness that occurs after being screwed over by Wayne State University
1. Class schedule: 'incomplete'

Administrator: Sorry, the classes you have selected are full, please register for them next semester.

You: But I submitted all of the paperwork to you early!

Administrator: Oh, I lost it. Too bad for you.

You: fml. just got wayned.

2. Administrator: you must pay $200 in late fees. your tuition was late

you: I paid it on time, the exact amount you told me to.

Admin:That was the wrong number. You should have double checked with me 'later'.

You: what?

Admin: $200. Now.

You: fml. wayned again.
by jolly_rancher5 April 5, 2014
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A guy, probably the most amazing guy you will ever meet. He will sweep you off your feet from day one, surprise you, love you and treasure you. He will treat you like a princess and respect you, wait for you and make you feel like you can trust him until the end of your days. He will call you beautiful everyday until you start to believe it yourself, carry you through every problem, and be that shoulder to lean on whenever you need him.

Just seeing him makes you smile, his laugh makes your heart melt and his eyes are the most beautiful things you have ever seen.

Also, he smells like fucking jesus.
Person A: Hey, you are such a Wayne.
Person B: Thank you for the compliment. ;)
by inthenightgarden August 2, 2013
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Wayne is derived from Greek Mythology. He was the god of cool. Whenever fun was needed they would call upon this mighty god. Very few are given this name today due to the burden of greatness it bestows upon the person. Ancient scripts indicate the name is to be reserved for one man who it is said will rise again to power sometime during or after the turn of the 21st Century. It is written he will bring fun back into the world.

He also smells like fucken Jesus!!
This party sucks!!!
Yes we must call on the party god known only as "Wayne".
Dude this is like the best party ever now it is totally cool!
by yourmumknowsit January 1, 2022
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Wayne is a guy who is very loving and compassionate about everything he does, he's more thoughtful than your mother and more loving than anyone you have ever met.
Wayne =)
by August 28, 2020
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1. Similar to when people get mossed, people get wayne'd
(refers to indianapolis colts receiver reggie wayne), who is just that much better than randy moss
Person one: Yeah bro, we were playing football, i jumped up three feet in the air,and caught it one handed.


beastownedmossedpeyton manningjim caldwellboss
by reggiewayneonthemhoes March 8, 2010
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To pay little or no attention to personal hygiene. Just wake up funky and go about your day without bathing, brushing your teeth, or washing your face just like cowboys would do in the John Wayne movies.
I can't believe my roommate just jumps straight up outta bed and heads to class Wayning everyday like he slept in the dirt and woke up and jumped on a horse with a bottle of whiskey.
by Six 8 August 17, 2007
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in german, the word sounds like the pronoun "wen". often used to express a lack of interest.
"wayne interessierts?" (who cares?)
by danse May 28, 2004
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