When your best just isn't good enough.
That's the crappiest fingerpainting I've ever seen, Bobby, you little failure.
by BleezeMonkey August 24, 2003
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Apparently what an Asian is if they can’t keep a fucking job for their whole goddamn life!

To all the ignorant racist fucks out there:

We Asians are already under a lot of pressure because our parents want us to be doctors, or engineers, or anything that makes a shit ton of money. They except us to get an A on EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TEST, and when we don’t, we automatically become WORTHLESS CRAP, not to mention a failure.

So you see, in an Asian home, failure is NOT an option!
And just because you guys don’t get the same treatment, you shouldn’t expect every single Asian you come across to be a FUCKING GENIUS!!!
Ex 1: White Parent: “You failed a test? Don’t cry, honey. I’m sure you’ll do better next time.”

Asian Parent:”HOW DARE YOU FUCKING FAIL YOUR PHYSICS FINAL! Get out of my house you worthless piece of shit! Curse the day I gave birth to such a failure!”

Ex 2: Mom: “Manjiro, what’s your class rank?”

Manjiro: “I’m nineteenth.”

Mom: “FUCK YOU! How am I going to show my face to all the other Asian moms.”

Manjiro: “Talk about being a failure.”

*groans as his mother slaps him*
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by Kirishima Touka February 26, 2018
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i. A good excuse not to try.

ii. One who fucks up all the time.

iii. One who goes to Yale but has the vocabulary and comprehension of a sea cucumber.

See also: George W. Bush, Dubya, Ashlee Simpson, Enron, Operation Iraqi Liberation
Homer Simpsons: Trying is the first step towards failure.

George W. Bush: I didn't misfailure the country! Honest! It's hard work being president! Realleh hard work! Even my daddeh says it's hard work! I don't get no break on Sundehs too!
Bob Bluebell: What a failure and a jerkwad.
by PaperMachete October 24, 2005
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