A cute and sometimes obnoxious person; usually all up in your face
Jack Barakat of All Time Low is such a little fuck.
by Baby Meow August 14, 2011
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A smaller version of the sad sace. Gets beaten daily for the smallest of reasons. Is constantly in compition with the sad face for food/a sammich/a klondike bar. Little Fucks are indiginous to Nigeria and are known for their bright and shinny attitidues. A little fuck will get beaten daily and will usually sit on your dresser giving you reminders of things......until you give her a swift punch to the face.
The little fuck says, "Good Moring!!!" in a bright and happy voice......you then beat the shit out of her.
by Sean Brummner January 6, 2005
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A common nickname for your next door neighbor’s dog.
Every night, all night long, I must endure this yappy little fuck as I attempt to get some sleep.
by Dr Bunnygirl July 8, 2019
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When someone is being rude.

*someone who disrespects you

*a nickname for someone you like but are little asses
Dude stop being a little fuck fuck
by thatsgucci.thatschillman April 6, 2015
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JakeAdolf” Borgas
Don’t be a little fucking bitch, Jake.
by Slenda July 10, 2020
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A sad little fuck is a person who has given up on life. Some may consider the sad little fuck to be a massive fucking disappointment.

You can identify a sad little fuck by identifying these symptoms,

1. The sad little fuck will sleep throughout the day.

2. The sad little fuck can be seen Making midnight snacks thus inconveniencing everyone that is trying to sleep.

3. The sad little fuck will often binge watch an entire season of any show within a single day.
Mary, "I think Jerome is becoming a sad little fuck"
Ben, "I agree"

*It has been three days since Jerome left the comfort of his bed, he has gone through five chocolate bars and survives on microwave noodles*
by Micheal Angelico KWS. March 27, 2020
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