(v., tr./intr.) 1. To correct, make right. 2. To anally invade another.
"We rectified the problem so it was rectified after that." "Last night she was soooo rectified."
by Razukin December 1, 2002
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To correct somebody who is clearly talking out of his arse.
After listening to his horseshit for a bit, I thought I'd rectify the situation.
by wiretapper October 24, 2016
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To convert alternating current to direct current by means of a semiconductive material or a vacuum tube.
The AC power in my amplifier is rectified by a 5U4GB tube.
by BlastMaster May 19, 2003
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The inverse of the very popular and entertaining Shocker. e.g. 2 in the stink, 1 in the pink; two in the ass one in the grass; two in the butt one in the slut; two in the boot, one in the koot; goin to town with two in the brown, etc.
She had rolled over as I was going for the Shocker, so she got the Rectifier instead.
by Joe Rectifier June 18, 2003
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Someone who always tries to make things right between people.
Girl 1: Janet, you are such a rectifier.
Janet: What?
Girl 1: You're always trying to fix people!
by voluptuous August 12, 2008
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To fix something by shoving it way up your rectum.
This baseball bat is bent. Here help me rectify it. MMMmm, ohhhhhhh, unggggggg. Oh yeah. That's better.
by 1badparatrooper August 13, 2019
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The act of becoming erect in an unusual manner.
Cici was totally rectified by that message.
by Grace Dorsey October 24, 2007
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