This is an action or event that happens as a result of; i.e. following as a result of; next in 'sequence' some other related action or event.
In the final moments of the bike race, I blew a tyre and consequentially warped the wheel, bringing me to a stop and putting me out of the race; meaning I wouldn't make the finish line.
by surveyor extraordinaire November 16, 2013
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Work that is discovered while original work is in progress and immediately takes priority over your original intent. Consequential work involves significantly more effort/time/resources than the original work required.
So I was painting the kitchen, when a chunk of the wall comes right off in my hand because hornets had built a nest and chewed right through the drywall. Luckily, the hornets weren't home, but I'm gonna have to get rid of the nest and patch the drywall before I can finish painting. Nothin' like consequential work, damn it!
by Wolfeadr December 28, 2016
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