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A fiendish game of networking involving many a sloot and trout.
"Do you want to have a pipe at my place tonight, Ian?"
"Sorry Ted, I've got to go out and engage in some Euro Equity"
by Ted September 2, 2003
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Important safety device required when ingesting mouth mixers since overflows frequently result in explosive eruptions. Usually an old dishrag or t-shirt of dubious cleanliness hung on a nail within easy reach.
Dude, you shouldn't have given her that tequilla and root beer mouth mixer! We're going to need a new spew rag.
by Ted December 8, 2004
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1. Someone who buys all their clothes at Hot Topic or the Gap, listens to bands like Good Charlotte, and most importantly, loves trendy shows like Spongebob and Invader Zim.
2. Someone who has the same style of humor in shows like Spongebob and Invader Zim.

see also: Spongebob Invader Zim Hot Topic
"Man, that kid's so fucking stupid. He's such a spongebobbist."

"All these girls nowadays are spongebobbists! When am I ever gonna meet a cool chick?"
by Ted December 2, 2003
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A variation of the cleaveland steamer where one also urinates on his partner.
"I heard the bitch got a cleaveland steamer"
" na dude she got it worse... she got a fuckin steamland cleaver"
by Ted March 5, 2005
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Tina Bock is a huge slut bag. Shes dirty
Oh tina bock your a slut bag...
by Ted March 26, 2005
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skaters r often known to wear tight jeans,t-shirt,polo etc... Alot of people think skaters r not vary strong and r scared of every chav. Yes this may be true about some but many r very tuff like me.They jump stairs of up to 15 steps and maby even more.Skaters have to have curage and be strong to be able to do this.Skaters r used to falling over and stuff so if theres any chavs who think there tuff a skater could easly win the fight. Yes a chav could be holding a knife but they r breaking the law. Caring a skateboard isnt breaking the law,so skaters could jst get there board and smack u round the head with a truck.Anyway a skateboarding is a good thing coz it keeps u off the street doing drugs like chavs (and u wouldnt want to turn out to be like a chav!)most skaters like rock music.
Some pro skaters:Eric Koston, Rick mcrank, tom penny, p.j ladd, jason dill.
by Ted February 16, 2005
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to inflict shame or grief upon one's self by accident.
Bambi tried to dis' Amit, but he slipped himself.
by Ted March 12, 2003
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