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When you laugh so hard, you shit yourself. Giggle Shits (plural): When people around you discover that you've shit yourself from laughing too hard and they, in turn, shit themselves from laughing too hard at you having shit yourself.
"Quit making me laugh or I'll giggle shit myself!"
by Ted January 14, 2004
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This is what I was told back in High School. It's when 2 men have anal sex and then one man cums up the other guy's ass. Then that guy who came sucks the cum back out the ass with a straw. Hmm.
Ted and Fred love to slurk each other.
by Ted April 22, 2003
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a worrd used by the gravity team on there video, you can find this on kazza if you search, bails
hhi, im zac shupwac, and this is blink, and were the gravity team, i think bails suck
by Ted November 23, 2003
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someone who acts like everyone else. Having no personality
Examples: Boy bands, jay vinson, most people in business.
by Ted December 10, 2003
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1. One whose sense of humor can simply be classified as eet.
2. One who follows the eet way of life, hates shit like Spongebob and kids who listen to Good Charlotte and think of themselves as being so "punk".

Note: Often eetists stick together and hurt and try to destroy Spongebobbist's lives.
"That kid Josh? Yeah man, he's an eetist hardcore."

"Dude, I think Dave Chappelle is an eetist."
by Ted December 3, 2003
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1. Peter Griffin 2. Trekkie 3. Cock Monger 4. Cunt Monkey
Peter Griffin, a Trekkie who savors the taste of cock, never knows when to shit the fuck up. What a ninjafag!
by Ted April 20, 2003
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spinners on a ryde that take up the entire rim space unable to see the actual rim behind spinner spinners
you mayng,check dem dinner plates on that 84 cut,dem thangz match the color of da car!
by Ted April 2, 2005
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