1950s slang. Same as holding for possession of drugs for personal use or dealing.
by MiF January 16, 2005
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Some degree of progress or advancement with regards to a specified objective. Usually used when no progress is evident.
What have you done on the new website project? Are you anywhere on this thing?
by MiF January 17, 2005
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1) Misuse of the commonly accepted word "anywhere"

2) Commonly used by Halogonians (one who resides in Halifax, NS) in an effort to explain the unexplainable.

3) Sometimes used to stun a verbal opponent with shear stupidity in order to evade retaliatory acts.
"I couldn't find it anywheres."
"If you look anywheres, you'll see it."
by RoboSapien July 1, 2004
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A hardcore/punk band hailing from rva. The band has become increasingly popular, being featured on fuse and appearing on the 2005 vans warped tour.
Strike Anywhere is playing at alley katz, go check them out!
by subarashi chinchin mono July 28, 2005
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Album released by Evanescence in 2004. It is the recording of a live presentation at The Zenith in Paris capturing the special moments of that magical night, as well as footage from the band and the 4 clasical music videos from Fallen. It includes a majority of songs from Fallen but also featuring some covers and the new release of Missing. It comes with a two disc set (DVD and CD).
Both Fallen, The Open Door and Anywhere But Home are examples of Evanescence's albums
by evans-goth November 8, 2006
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a hush hush way to ask a person if they smoke weed.
originating from the thots of a pothead
allie: are you anywhere?
speck: all the time man
by sheaspeck May 15, 2005
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A "political" phrase commonly used to imply a willingness to go to any end to achieve a goal despite the lack of actions to follow through. Commonly used in business as a form of currency to purchase "political" clout.
Husband: I would go anywhere in the world to make you happy baby.
Wife: Can you take me to the doctor's at 2pm tomorrow.
Husband: I can't, the game starts at 1pm.
by Paperflask December 5, 2007
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