the person you would die for, someone who has done so much for you and is the sunshine in your life
how do you feel about him?

he’s my yellow
by hehenerd October 28, 2020
happiness, solid sunshine, that summa mood, hundreds of sunflowers, pigtails, lemonade on a hot day, banana ice cream, little golden books, sun showers, pixie dust, dandelions, new crayons, ducklings, ukuleles, carelessly dancing, big smiles, long nights of laughter, inside jokes, handwritten notes, new clothes, sand, prayers, love
yellow is the best color
by fella in yella April 5, 2019
A “yellow” is someone who makes you happy. they make your days brighter and worth living.
I’m my best friend’s yellow and I’m hers.
by antoscute October 28, 2020
A word meaning a pussy or pacifist. Used in the novel "The Catcher In The Rye".
Juancito is yellow when it comes to fights. He won't actually hurt anybody.
by A Clockwork Orange779 November 7, 2006
someone who is very important to you
someone who makes you happy
he saved me, he's my yellow
do you love her? yes, she's my yellow
by giulsss December 11, 2020