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the french word for 'very' to express something that is really cool
that is tres cool
by danielle September 19, 2003
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the most amazing boy ever. a guy who i will never forget. the boy who can always cheer me up when i've had a bad day. someone i ALWAYS have fun with, no matter what we're doing. the person i want to be with for a long, long time. :)
by kthtc July 30, 2011
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Taking a shit and piss at exactly the same time. 1 + 2 = 3.
After a rough weekend, Jolly achieved the unattainable tres after eating 3 pulled pork sandwiches and a 12 pack.
by bobetta99 March 10, 2015
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A handsome, smart,amazing, flirty, and athletic guy.He is the best at giving hugs and and kisses he is also a real cutie. And every girl wishes they could have a Tres.
by Unknown572 February 25, 2017
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More populary known as a skateboarding trick in which a 360 flip is conducted, to "Tre" also relates to a smoking technique. To "Tre" is to input a blunt of cannabis or tobacco into the bowl of a water pipe as a way of smoking. You can "Tre" a blunt simply by rolling a blunt and smoking it out of a water pipe. It is a simple process that provides a better way of smoking with very little hassle.
John: yo, let's smoke a blunt of marijuanna Paul?

Paul: No John, Let's Tre that blunt of marijuana.

John: What do you mean Paul?

Paul: I mean inputing the blunt in the bowl of the water pipe. It provides a better way of smoking.

John: You are genius Paul.
by Thomas Red Eyes. April 17, 2011
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Tre' :
1. A person or thing beyond all dopeness ; someone who dresses uniquely.
2. The word "very" in French
1. "That car is Tre'!"
2. "I am tre' mad at you!"
by Richard Florez June 06, 2008
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Has alot of meanings

1. As a name, or a cool nickname as in Tre Cool from Green Day

2. Meaning "very VERY", more empahisis than very alone

3. As a dream, Tre is something exceedingly cool that you desire but dont have or is just a dream something that you cant ever have because it never existed so its your holy grail your untouchable dream that cant ever be fulfilled. It can be anything but most likely a person, like you're dream girl
1. Hey Tre you goin down to the beach to scare some kiddys away?

2. wow you're lookin Tre sexy tonight baby

3. my dream girl? that would be a smart funny sexy ass girly who can hold her vodka, thats my Tre
by madgreendayfan October 04, 2006
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