Vanderbilt is the school where people who could get into the lower Ivies go when they realize they’re not ugly.

Not on Harvard’s level, but is better than schools like Brown.
Van student #1: “Damn, Princeton passed Vanderbilt. We’re only 18th for 2019’s rankings.”

Van student #2: “Yeah, but is one spot worth having exponentially uglier classmates?”

Van Student #3: “yeah, kind of amazing for a school with an 11% acceptance rate”
by 35 ACT, 9/10 Looks January 14, 2019
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A prestigious university in Nashville, Tennessee, that boasts the greatest party scene of any Top 20 school. The girls here are hot; the guys here are lucky; the frats and sororities have their own little worlds that you can choose to be a part of or not. The Greek system is prominent at Vanderbilt, but only about 40% of the students are actually Greek, so you can have a great social life without being Greek. The professors are amazing; the campus is beautiful; Nashville's a fun town. Vanderbilt is the perfect university because of its relatively small size (6,000 undergrads, 5,000 grad students) and wide selection of majors. This is the greatest place on Earth and can only be described with one word: Heaven.
by Keeg-Money May 8, 2007
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Ivy-level academics + big-time SEC sports + fun city + amazing social life = collegiate heaven
If you want to get a valuable degree, but have the time of your life while doing so, Vanderbilt is the place for you.
by gobosox October 27, 2017
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One of the few colleges where you can find Ivy-quality academics (tied with Brown and Cornell on US News), major sports, a popular Greek scene, and a student body equally dedicated to their work and social life. You'll leave after four years with memories of awesome parties and a high-paying job.
Vanderbilt is great if you want to set yourself up well for the future and have a fun college experience
by gobosox May 6, 2018
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The Harvard of the South, where all cool rich southern people go. Preppy, fratty, perfect.
If you're going to pledge ZBT, just go to a state school, Vanderbiltis much to preppy for that.
by sigmachiguy May 7, 2005
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That university in Nashville Tennessee. Where everyone wears polo shirts with the collars popped, guys have seersucker shorts and flip flops and girls miniskirts and Ugg boots or flip flops. Where the frats and sororities reign supreme. Where drunkeness is expected. Where your social status as a freshman is determined by whether you live in Branscomb or Kissam. Where there are more rival fans than Vandy fans at football games. Where everyone is too rich and spoiled to give a crap about the world.
Vanderbilt is tres prep.
by Ted May 6, 2005
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Someone who has seen their dad jack off to pornography
HOLY SHIT, last night i totally pulled a vanderbilt when i walked into my dad's room
by kcrulez July 26, 2008
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