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An alternative to cow's milk, recommended for vegans and lactose-intolerant people.
My whole family likes soymilk, but I'm allergic to it. For some reason, I can eat tofu with no problem at all.
by StatenIslander December 4, 2007
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That black, salty, savory liquid one may pour over meat, vegetables, rice, or anything.
Soysauce can also be a nickname for those who OD on it and get hypertension.
by StatenIslander December 4, 2007
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Mandarin transliteration: doufu

The East Asian version of cheese. Except it has less fat.
I like cheese, but don't eat it for dinner often.
I like tofu, but don't eat in sandwiches at all.
by StatenIslander November 20, 2007
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Something that should be cherished.
Something that should be carried out to do whatever you feel like.
Reg. guy- Let's go to the beach.
Nerd- No
Reg. guy- Why? It's like 90 degrees outside.
Nerd- I have to read.
Reg. guy- You can do that when we get back.
Nerd- I have to listen to my parents.
Reg. guy- Dude...didn't you say they were spending the week in Miami?
Nerd- It is my duty to listen to my parents all the time.
Reg. guy- So you're their little drone, eh?
Nerd- I guess so. I have no life of my own.
by StatenIslander November 20, 2007
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Fermented soybean paste. Comes in many varieties.
If you're having a hot pot/jjigae, be sure to put miso in at least half the time.
by StatenIslander December 4, 2007
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Rolling On the Floor Laughing

For some reason, I like this better than lol.
Intensify this by changing it to:

rofl my waffles
rofl Jaime sharted himself on the bus
by StatenIslander January 4, 2008
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